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About Me

I’m a 21 years old graphic designer from the Axe Sud , french graphic art school. I am currently looking for a job. I have developed a real passion for webdesign, motiondesign and also for other graphic design sectors. It is since four years that I know I have found my way and I’m determined to succeed. I enjoy very much team work specially when I have the chance to work with people who shares my passion.

I hope that my presentation will give you interest to meet me.

Who am I ? A pacifist who lives in music.
I find it very important that the user of a website or a customer takes pleasure in seeing / using my job. I would like to learn from different cultures around the world to be able to satisfy all requests.
Life is not so bad after all right? I chose this job because for me, it was the only one allowing to fully express my creativity while having fun.
Louis Nucera say: "Whoever neglects music ignores the approach of the sublime." For me living without music is inconceivable, I play since very young and it's the only thing that allows me to extract any thoughts that are not welcome in my mind.
I like teamwork because for me the only way to carry out a project is to listen to the opinion of others, whether positive or negative it can only bring good. I am someone efficient in my work in general. Otherwise globally I work with a smile and in a good mood.


Welcome in the "Paulo's" world. All my projects were performed with passion and pleasure. Paulo story crossed experiences at Axe Sud school, Phoenix studio and Akufen (Montreal). At the right you can see the video for introduce myself. (To take with humor)

I hope that like me, you will enjoy!


PHONE:     +33 (0)6 65 59 03 01
ADRESS:     Nowhere & All Over, FRANCE