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Ça va Jazzer EDITION    •    WEBDESIGN


Conception about a fictive magazine. The theme is the jazz world, we work with differents pictures black and white for refound the old aspect and we put somme yellow shapes for give a modern style to the mag. This mag was created with a website with the same mood.

Client Personal project
Industry Jazz
Art Director Paul Le Grand
Year 2018
How I work on this project ? With passion and pleasure, And that's all.
I created this fictional project because jazz is an area that speaks to me. The project is complete, containing: typographic work, editing and webdesign, a certain harmony is installed between the different media.
The magazine was created only in a few copies, but if you wish to get it do not hesitate to contact me.
For the typography of the title we choose a Playfair Display Bold typo thick with serifs, but still elegant, it is accompanied by a typo right for our texts that will be the Open Sans.
This work lasts approximately 1 full week. (Without Printing & Coding)


The website remains in the spirit of the magazine with very few colors apart from the yellow. We try to recall the design of a piano through the layout of the site.