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1 Day in Japan UI/UX    •    WEBDESIGN


Creation of a site about life in Japan. Know the traditions, tips and the best recipes of the country of the rising sun. Simple ergonomics and design, reminiscent of Japanese purity.

Client Fictive project
Industry Japan
Art Director Paul Le Grand
Year 2018
How I work on this project ? With passion and pleasure, And that's all.
A project whose theme is travel, which is an increasingly popular lobby today. This project is therefore up-to-date and interesting to deal with.
To represent the serenity of Japan we choose a very light and soft background color followed by a background grid. There will eventually be only one color as a side that is a light pink to remind cherry leaves.
The realization of this project lasted about 4 days. (without coding)

Creating a animated loading page, a samurai cutting the rising sun. Always in a Zen mood, the whole site must release
something soothing.