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Les Chevaliers de Malte UI/UX    •    WEBDESIGN


Creation of a beer bar. The idea is to create an identity reminiscent of the traditions of this drink but giving it a modern side. The subject is quite common, it will know how to stand out by creating an original branding.

Client Fictive project
Industry Bar / Restaurant
Art Director Paul Le Grand
Year 2018
How I work on this project ? With passion and pleasure, And that's all.
Basically "Les Chevaliers de Malte" is a bar located in my hometown, I found it fun to update the identity of this place. It is a very institutional subject that can often be brought to bear. The difficulty is to not fall into redundancy.
Unfortunately this bar was closed years ago. It was a friendly place where we ended up around a good beer to tell our day.
The realization of this project lasted about 5 days. (without coding & printing)


The website is based on the identity created later. The idea is to create a site of the most intuitive to immediately give the customer the desire to visit the premises.