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1001 Fruits UI/UX    •    WEBDESIGN


Creation of all the branding of a jam brand, site, packaging, logo, network spots. Our team choose the name 1001 fruits for the diversity of fruits and mixtures proposed. We focussed on a rather upscale style. This work was a partnership with Philipp Thelen. This is a school project, it is therefore a fiction.

Client School project
Industry Food
Art Director Paul Le Grand / Philipp Thelen
Year 2018
How we work on this project ? With passion and pleasure, And that's all.
We named this brand "1001 Fruits" to show the diversity present in these jams. Being organic jams and homemade, but at an expensive price we chose a sober and classy identity but remaining enticing.
No it's a fictive project, well it's a subject wich was invented by our Professor.
As this project was done in class, we were not 24 hours a day, but in active time my classmate and I worked about 4 full days on this subject. (without coding & printing)