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Trentotto'n'Chill UI/UX    •    WEBDESIGN


Fictional work for a real estate store. The goal is to find a concept with another brand. We chose Netflix for the side chill well sticking with the brand image. The site is in the color of netflix with the content of Trentotto. The idea is to create sofa models with the style of a Netflix series.

Client Trentotto
Industry Decoration
Art Director Paul Le Grand / Philipp Thelen
Year 2017
How we work on this project ? With passion and pleasure, And that's all.
We chose to treat this project by doing a collaboration between Trentotto & Netflix, to find the side chill when we extend on his couch during our series.
We chose these colors to recall the etiquette of netflix. Often the series photos we used will be in black & white because they will be more in tune with the red tint.
As this project was done in class, we were not 24 hours a day, but in active time my classmate and I worked about 3 full days on this subject. (without coding & printing).